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Monday, March 14, 2011

jom futher study!!!


ok~ i would like to futher in MASSCOM...erm

my first choice...
but i not yet decide which programs in this faculty 
would i like to have...
apa lagi, jom usha2 shah alam uitm website...
hope i will find the suitable program for me... dia, the list of MASSCOM program provided by 
UITM Shah Alam

#Article TitleAuthorHits
1MC226-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Instructional Communication & Training)administrator2732
2MC227-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Interpersonal)administrator2727
3MC228-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Management & Policy)2583
4MC225-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Publishing)Mohd Mursyiddin Abdul Manaf2417
5MC224-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Advertising)administrator2654
6MC223-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Broadcasting)administrator4055
7MC222-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Public Relations)administrator4399
8MC221-Bach. of Mass Comm. (Hons) (Journalism)administrator2804
pilih2 lekas!!!...
pilih yg betul2 sesuai!!!...

sometimes mcm confius pon ada...
mcm xconfident pon ya jgk...erm, 
but i want to futher in this faculty...
hopefully, this is my best choice for me. 

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