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Friday, March 18, 2011

be a model??? boleh ker....

new learning...
17/03/2011~BASIC DINNER~

i be a model...hahaha..lawak sgt,k
just bidan terjun ja..
1st time in mylife... i never had been a model for any show..
this moment very memorable for me...
can u all imagine, i be a model with wearing cambodia suit...
dh lar kurus kering, pastu pkai bju tradisional amazing lar kan..

erm...cita nya cam nie...
disebabkan ASEAN fashion show msa perasmian ASEAN CARNIVAL tu,
mdm jun invite this fashion show held again in BASIC DINNER at SP INN HOTEL..
then, Abbas as the designer bju2 ASEAN tu accept the invitation...
so, all models kena lar ada yg abbas ask me for being his model, first abbas mtk tlg aku xnk..
but second time he ask me..aku dh kesian lak..last2 i accept to be his model..i'm the first person who is willings to do it..but i'm not alone, aku ajak nadia, aku da teman.(pndai x aku?)..hehehe

smpai ja aku kt hotel tu at 5pm...dada,jntung limpa, suma nya dh xteratur berdegup..huhuhuhu..
kul rehearsel, make up, bersiap...huh! sgt memenatkan...nsb baik aku nmpk bulan, klu x,xdpt lar aku tunaikan perintah ALLAH yg wajib n yg 1 tu..huhuhuhu...
whatever it is, kul 7pm..siap make up...ok!
make-up : i never imagine that i have to be make up tebal2 like that again...first dlu msa jd model bju pengantin kak spupu aku, second time make-up sb aku join bengkel make-up..hahahaha..this is my third time..1 more thing, suma make-up2 nie org yg mke-up kan..not by myself...
one more thing yg aku xkan lupa...i don't know wht is FOUNDATION...hahahahaha...nmpk sgt slma ni keja kt butik, xteliti about make-up nie..hehehe, i though foundation can be krim pencerah muka yg aku sllu pkai..upanya slh...(wani2...:))

for u all information...10 ASEAN COUNTRIES custom clothes, would be presented by 10 models from diploma public administration (except atin najla from pra-dip who is has chinese look)...
ok...ckp pot pet pot pet pon dh here there are pictures of us..but xbyk pon...huhuhuhu

nie pic dgn our designer~ABBAS SIDEK~(yg kt tgh2 tuu)










P/S: if ada gmbr lg...i will update..hehehe

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