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Saturday, November 20, 2010

what will i be in future???

mlm ni aku ditemani syahirah...
dia dh smpi...selamat tiba..alhmdullh,
skg tgh tgk movie (A TEAM)..hehehe

aku ja tgh tmbh post2 bru..kahkahkah..


dear my journey,
ari nie...tgh pening2 lalat...xtau pasai pa..n jgk tgh pkirkan "wht will i be in future" nt...
ayh kta smbung lr degree...YES, i am..but i dont know wht is the right course that will carry me in stable condition at i had listed of 3 choices; i)public relation,ii)bachelor in corporate admin n iii)bachelor in admin science...erm..wht da big choice that i need to choose...
refer to wht my dad said..he would like me works as, pkerjaan ptama yg klu blh aku xnk..hhehee
DEGREE???...actually, tkot nk smbung degree sb subjek pembljrn dia mcm heavy sgt nk bwk...after i view subject from 3 courses above lr...
aku ni minat bnda2 seni...melukis,mewarna,mjahit,memasak(wlupun xpkar..he),..huhuhu
maaaaakkkkkkkkk!!!!..cek xtau nk smbung apa la nie...fening2~~ @_@


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